Cynthia Barcomi: Barcomi’s Berlin

In Cynthia Barcomi’s café and deli the focus is on home-made bread, cakes and pastries. The passionate blogger also publishes her recipe ideas on social media. 


It all started with freshly roasted coffee beans. Today, Cynthia Barcomi delights customers in her two cafés with more than home-made cakes and new recipe ideas. An interview about what social media and kitchen equipment have in common.

Ms Barcomi, before you opened your café you were a professional dancer…
That’s right. But one day I woke up and thought: German coffee doesn’t taste especially good. So I opened my own coffee-roasting business – that was in 1994. And because cakes and pastries go so well with coffee, I started baking as well. Then, three years later, I added the deli.

How does one survive as a late entrant in the food service industry?
My starting point was inspiration – that’s like dance. I used to love dancing, but I simply had the feeling that I was capable of something more and could develop something completely new. Lots of people have good ideas, but it all depends on how you implement them. I know what I want and I work in a very structured way – for me every goal is followed by the next challenge.

You are now not just a chef, but also an active blogger and Facebook user…
When I opened my coffee house 21 years ago, there was no internet. Over time, more and more digital platforms have developed, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When there is something new to discover, I like to try it out. Digital technology is like a piece of kitchen equipment – you have to know how to use it properly.

Does your involvement on social media have a positive impact on your business?
Definitely. Before, my clientele was restricted to Berlin. Today I can reach people in Spain, Sweden or the USA without leaving my desk. If they happen to come to Berlin, some of them will drop in for a cup of coffee and we’ll take a photo together. Photos and videos convey more than all the words in a recipe.

Do you already have a plan for the future of Barcomi’s?
At the moment I am very happy with my two cafés and 50 staff. I don’t want to run a chain of eateries. I prefer to interact with my customers, readers and viewers. For instance, I make a point of answering questions about my recipes myself.


Cynthia Barcomi enjoys taking photos with customers that she can post on Facebook or Instagram afterwards. The business owner likes communicating with customers – both in person and online. She regularly publishes news of her own culinary creations on her blog, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, with clear tips on how to prepare them. She is also an expert on the popular Kitchen Stories app. After all, we cook with our eyes too!

Cupcakes from Kreuzberg

New York cheesecake and fresh bagels in the middle of Berlin? For American-born Cynthia Barcomi it is something very close to her heart. She has been running her café in the Kreuzberg district of the city since 1994 – complete with her own coffee-roasting business and cake shop. And her deli in the centre of the capital is an oasis of calm, offering savoury dishes. Anyone who wants to make the home-made specialities themselves will find the recipes online or in one of her numerous cookbooks

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