Jan Dinter and Oliver Meiser: Burrito Bande 19 towns and cities in Germany

SlowFastFood is the name of the concept employed by culinary bandits Jan Dinter and Oliver Meiser. The gourmet gang and their food trucks are a big hit with customers, who love their freshly prepared burritos. They announce the sites of their live cooking “attacks” on social media.


With live cooking and total transparency, the Burrito Bande’s food trucks are creating a delicious disturbance at lunchtime and at events – not only on the street but also on Facebook, as founder Jan Dinter explains.

Mr Dinter, where did the idea of bringing burritos to German city centres come from?
At the time, co-founder Oliver Meiser and I were experimenting a lot and we discovered that burritos and barbecuing are a hot combination. We thought it would be exciting to combine this idea with the food truck trend. We have been selling our products for two years now at our “lunchtime attacks” in places with lots of office workers and few lunch options.

Your second pillar is your catering business...
That’s right. We offer classic catering and event catering. For event catering, customers are not just booking our burritos – it’s the entertainment factor they are particularly interested in. Our team prepares the food live in the food truck on site. For the guests, it is often the highlight of the evening.

Can you explain why these live cooking events have been so successful?
I think it’s people’s curiosity, the glimpse behind the scenes. The food preparation itself becomes the event. In a way, we are reinterpreting event catering. Another factor is the interaction with our customers. We are on first-name terms with almost all of them.

Speaking of interaction: how important are Facebook etc. to you?
Social media are very important for getting in contact with us and giving us feedback – whether positive or negative, because there’s always room for improvement. We deal with criticism honestly and constructively. Most problems can be solved very easily that way. In nearly three years we have never had to delete a post. It’s something we are very proud of.

Do social media have an impact on your business success?
Of course, platforms like these promote sales, just like our website. Potential customers have to trust us. If they can see for themselves what we have done and where we have been, and can read feedback from other customers, their trust in us starts to grow.

In your experience, what qualities are vital for people starting businesses?
As well as having a good idea, it is important to be brave and to fight for your idea every day. In addition, every new business founder should question themselves regularly and check that they aren’t on the wrong track. Finally, you also need humility – success is never certain.

Social eat-back

From #burritomoments to tortilla facts and the weekly menu preview – fans of the Burrito Bande are informed about upcoming “attacks” via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if something’s not to your taste, you can let the gang know via social media – and receive a response. Not only is this an authentic approach, it also builds customer trust.

Stand and deliver! Burrito attack!

When the Burrito Bande saddle their food trucks, no one is left hungry. For nearly three years now, Jan Dinter, Oliver Meiser and a dozen employees have been selling SlowFastFood and sophisticated burritos in 19 German towns and cities. Anyone who books the self-appointed food revolutionaries gets to witness unique live cooking demonstrations, in which the food preparation itself becomes a culinary event. This is no run-of-the-mill catering operation.


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